Vera Lardi - Alexandra Vassiliou

A New Era (?)
Debate performance

How do gay, bisexual and transgender people experience homophobia, biphobia and transphobia respectively? How is the new generation of LGBTQI+ people in Greece thinking and processing the current situation? Have recent legal reforms changed the overall situation? Are we really on the cusp of a new era – an era which truly acknowledges people’s right to identify themselves as they place?

Stories by members of the LGBTQI+ community come alive inside a unique bar theatre. Inside the magical cocoon of a bar, we share the illusions of the night. Language, music, dance, drag shows all merge into a tapestry of narratives and stage action.

A New Era (?) connects theatre with social intervention. Narrators, actors and the audience are led methodically into parallel discussions about the topic in question and collectively shape an experiential performance based on real-life narratives, gradually leading audiences into being emotionally and verbally responsive through an open debate. Hearing the voice of the spectator in all its diversity and multiple experiences is the main goal of this project.

Specializing in the so-called ‘community theatre,’ actress, theatre researcher and psychodramatist Vera Lardi, together with social psychologist Alexandra Vassiliou, with a long experience in issues of social marginalization of LGBTQI+ people, collaborateswith the theatre researcher and actress Margarita Kastrinou and jointly create a performance about our personal experience of exclusion, regardless of gender and sexual orientation, and our universal need for genuine connection. Night is expected to aid them in their endeavour.