Vinyl -terror & -horror

Wednesday 21 June

Amphitheatre Ioannis Despotopoulos | 21:00


Greta Christensen and Camilla Sørensen, the artistic duo from Denmark known  as Vinyl -terror & -horror, explore the turntable and vinyl record in their rawest form.

The visuality and physicality of the record grooves allow them to transform the  playback medium into sculptural objects. Their broken records – reassembled into “cut-ups” like a collaged image – deliberately interrupt the musical flow of the samples, facilitating looping patterns and unexpected structures, while mixing found sounds across a wide spectrum of genres, ranging from classical, folk and schlager music to vintage movie sound effects. In live concerts and sound installations, Vinyl –terror & -horror constantly push the idea of the turntable as an instrument to its limits.

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