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The new set of events will focus on the connections between Art and the world of Fashion as inspired by Ancient Drama, place special emphasis on Theatre and Dance workshops for adolescents and showcase the seductive power of literature adapted for the Radio, built around a series of richly atmospheric “Uncanny Stories”.

The Open PLan events are addressed both to professional artists and to the public at large, regardless of age.


A fashion workshop inspired by Euripides’ Helen

Under the guidance of world-renowned fashion designer Christos Costarellos

Open call until 20/01/2022


An educational programme and performance

Under the guidance of Yota Argyropoulou and the blindspot theatre group

Open Call until 23/01/2022

Ancient Future Chorus

Educational dance programme for adolescents

By Marianna Kavallieratos

Open Call until 14/02/2022

Radio Plays

Radio Drama

Participation in all Open Plan events is free of charge.

The Athens Epidaurus Festival has ensured all necessary measures against the spread of COVID-19 will be strictly observed during the workshops. In case of emergency measures, the meetings will be held online.

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Athens Epidaurus Festival is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports

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