Sébastien Roux

Μusiques d’ordinateur

Friday 23 June

Arts Lounge | 22:30


Sébastien Roux, one of the most acclaimed contemporary electroacoustic music artists, experiments with listening conditions, while also investigating the concept of soundscape and formal restraints in composition. In 2011, he began to develop an approach focusing on the principles of translation, “transposing” visual musical and literary works of art into musical scores. His work on musical

His work on musical translation defines his electroacoustic style. In addition to his solo works, Roux has several major collaborations in theatre and dance under his belt. With Musiques d’ordinateur (French for computer music), he brings forth a listening session of algorithmic music, with the palpable simplicity of the composition directly reflected on the power of its acoustic impact.

Artistic Workshop

24 June

Athens Conservatoire Arts Lounge


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