influx artistic collective (Charis Pechlivanidis, Korina Vasiliadou)

Blind Date

The performance scheduled for 26/6 was cancelled due to rain. Announcement regarding new date will follow soon.

An interactive performance between people who can see and those who cannot. A group of blind performers and tango dancers invite the audience to a street tango, a milonga event. The blind performers’ personal stories, stories with visions for the future, unfold during the tango. The interaction will continue after the dance is through. The sightless performers will blindfold the audience and take them for a walk around Piraeus. The city will be gone from the spectators' eyes for a short period of time; the urban landscape will be transformed into powerful scents and odours. The performance will be realized in collaboration with the Peiraias Tango school, namely Irini Filippou and Vasilis Doukas, the tango students and a group of visually impaired individuals.

Free admission