Théâtre du Soleil - Robert Lepage

Kanata – Episode I – La Controverse

A French couple moves to Vancouver. The woman is an artist and soon becomes friends with an indigenous woman who lives in the slums of the city. The latter is murdered by a serial killer. Inspired by this incident, the artist decides to paint the faces of the various indigenous women murdered in the area.

This is the first time in the fifty-four years of its history that Ariane Mnouchkine has entrusted the legendary Théâtre du Soleil troupe to a guest director: the internationally celebrated Canadian Robert Lepage. The show Lepage assembled fragments of a poetic, dark and epic-scale universe, retracing two hundred years of his country’s history - ‘Kanata’ is an Iroquoian word meaning ‘village’, that gave Canada its name.

Before its scheduled premiere in Paris, the rehearsals of Kanata were brutally interrupted in July 2018, amidst reactions by indigenous people claiming that the director did not consult with their community. The performance, featuring the international company of actors of Théâtre du Soleil, performers from every corner of the earth who approached the First Nations drawing on their life experiences, ultimately had its premiere in December 2018 at the Cartoucherie, its title updated to incorporate the controversy surrounding the production – a meta-theatrical commentary on Lepage’s part on the role of artists in contemporary society.

With Greek surtitles


14 July: Post-performance talk with the actors


8 July / 20:00
Institut Français de Grèce
Screening of Making Of... documentary
Lepage au Soleil: à l’origine de Kanata