Free streaming of the recital presented at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus on July 17th 2020

Available for free streaming for 48hours from 17.00 on January 1st 2021

The world-class music event that opened this year’s Epidaurus Festival: an enchanting recital by Leonidas Kavakos, who stood alone at the heart of the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, performing works by Johann Sebastian Bach. A landmark moment for the Athens and Epidaurus Festival and its rich, continuous 65-year history, as well as Artistic Director Katerina Evangelatos, who, by inviting the internationally acclaimed violinist to perform in Epidaurus, introduced an unconventional way of experiencing and ‘inhabiting’ the Festival theatres.

Welcoming the New Year in a festive mood, the Athens and Epidaurus Festival will stream this unique recital for 48 hours.

Leonidas Kavakos offered a rare, musical prayer at the greatest healing centre of the ancient world, the Sanctuary of god Asclepius. In a time when we all, collectively, need uplifting, the Festival bids farewell to 2020 by offering this enthralling moment as a message of hope for the future, a soothing and inspirational gift for the New Year.

The recital was met with rave reviews

Under the circumstances, this event can only be described as awe-inspiring […]. Audiences were almost holding their breath as Leonidas Kavakos took on Bach’s partitas and sonatas alone at the very heart of the Ancient Theatre

(Sakis Ioannidis, Kathimerini, 21/07/2020)

“Music worked wonders on us once again, creating a safety net for this time of social distancing. The remarkable soloist was aware that this recital was laden with more meaning than usual, due to the time and place. It wasn’t merely a performance of Bach’s works that was presented to audiences starving for music: Kavakos conjured an entire universe containing and ultimately overcoming uncertainty, insecurity, and the tragic, collective ordeal of humanity.”

(Zoi Liaka, Ta Nea, 20/07/2020)

“Alone on a stage, surrounded by candles, with four microphones in place so that this extraordinary moment could be recorded, the stage flooded with blue colour and transformed into a seascape thanks to Eleftheria Deko’s lighting design, Kavakos inaugurated this year’s Epidaurus Festival in style. […] 

(Matoula Kousteni, EFSYN, 20/07/2020)

“Those who attended Leonidas Kavakos’ recital at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, the first performance at this iconic venue in the age of COVID-19, experienced a magical evening. Leonidas Kavakos stood alone for one hour and ten minutes at the heart of the Ancient Theatre, delivering a truly unforgettable recital. Only a few minutes into the performance, audiences were overcome with an uplifting feeling, as all those spellbound by last night’s enchanting experience will readily testify.”

(iefimerida.gr, 18/07/2020)


Leonidas Kavakosviolin

Lighting Design Eleftheria Deko

Sound Consultant Jonas Niederstadt

Sound Engineer George Karyotis


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Partita No. 3 in E major for Solo Violin, BWV 1006
Gavotte en Rondeau
Menuett I
Menuett II

Sonata No. 1 in G minor for Solo Violin, BWV 1001
Fuga (Allegro)
Partita No. 2 in D minor for Solo Violin, BWV 1004


Running time 70΄


Photos: Stavros Habakis

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