​Amos Gitai

The war of the sons of light against the sons of darkness

Based on The Jewish War by Flavius Josèphe

The multitalented Israeli director Amos Gitai presents a spectacle at Epidaurus based on Titus Flavius Josephus’ The Jewish War  (1st c. AD) which describes the Roman conquest of Judaea and destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70. Named after the military manual and prophesy of apocalyptic conflict between Good and Evil found among the Dead Sea scrolls, the production combines theatre with oratorio, song with dialogue in a multitude of tongues, an extravaganza of projected images with the power of the natural landscape. An artist of conscience who demands the right to free and critical thought, Gitai approaches his subject through the echo of the Middle East today.

Featuring the grande dame of the stage, Jeanne Moreau.

In French with Greek surtitles