China National Symphony Orchestra - Salzburg Kinderchor - Enjott Schneider - Otto Sauter - Ten of the Best

Ceremony of Harmony
Melody of Worldwide Civilization

True to its title, this ceremony of musical harmony is a collaboration of Athens Festival with the National Cultural Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. Musicians from different countries join forces to convey a universal vision of world peace.

In the first part of the concert, the German composer Enjott Schneider, one of the most established, popular musicians of his country, joins forces with Otto Sauter, the great piccolo trumpet soloist in the world, joined by Ten of the Best, an ensemble consisting of ten of the world’s leading trumpet players. In the second part, the China National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Yan Bozheng, one of the most acclaimed artists in China, will perform classic works from around the world. In the third and final part, the famed Salzburg Kinderchor (Salzburg Children’s Choir) will take the floor. For over 50 years, the award-winning Choir has collaborated with numerous European foundations and festivals.