Mapa Teatro

Los Incontados (Los Incontados)

Following La Despedida, presented at last year’s Athens Festival to widespread acclaim, the Colombian theatre company Mapa Teatro, world-renowned for their use of diverse media and influences (video, visual arts, theatre, myth, history) return for this year’s edition. Los Incontados is a triptych painting a picture of contemporary Colombian life. Three microcosms located somewhere between fantasy and reality; three set pieces, nestling one behind the other; three distinct spaces jointly creating a chilling allegory about violence in Colombia during the second half of the 20th century. A strange feast, revealing the fragile balance between celebration of violence, a trademark of contemporary Colombian history, unfolds in each of these spaces.

In the first segment of the triptych, “The Unaccounted,” a group of children gather around the radio waiting for the announcement of a revolution that is never going to happen. In the second segment, “The Holy Innocents,” an old African-Colombian ritual is transformed into a delirious performance as masked men dressed as women parade through their streets, whipping every man who is not masked and dressed up as a woman. In the third part, “Discourse of a Decent Man,” the ghost of a murdered Mafia drug dealer send his feverish messages of legalization of drugs from the Colombian jungle. Together, the three parts form a surreal, magical and poetic-political vision of Latin America since the end of WWII.

With Greek and English surtitles

11 June / Post-performance talk with the artists