Lucy. tutorial for a ritual

Following their debut work at the Aerowaves 2018 dance platform, the duo of choreographers known as arisandmartha (Aris Papadopoulos and Martha Pasakopoulou) have now come up with the concept of a contemporary, devised ritual, placing us inside a liminal world, where everything is invested with meaning by the mere fact of its presence there. The title is a reference to the famous, controversial skeleton of ‘Lucy,’ a nickname given to the skeleton of an Australopithecus afarensis discovered in Ethiopia in 1974.

This performance is an attempt for a ritual connecting disparate elements; an experiment about the unclear temporal and spatial boundaries of making a transition from the individual to the collective. Toying with the aspects of ecstasy and conscious observation, imagination and inescapable reality, the forgotten need for faith and the glorification of lies, the ‘man-animal’ and the ‘human animal,’ this performance sets forth to expand our perception, inviting us to reconsider ways and places of ritualistic practices still surviving in our everyday life. The artists raise the question: “Can we reach something real through something fake?”