Maria Protopappa

Euripides, Iphigenia in Aulis

A clownish king with serious ambitions; a queen without a kingdom; a princess without a clue; a worm-like king-maker; a nice-guy-superhero; all of them sprung up by the sea in a place once booming  and full of life, but now deserted. Outside of time, they relive the myth we have all heard, seen and read; they hope to work out who is to blame, but also to find some way to join forces and change tragedy into –cheerful– mourning!
Maria Protopappa, whom we have admired thus far as an actress, approaches her directorial debut with all this in mind and a superb cast.

Our special thanks to Elena Topalidou, who undertook the production’s movement.
The team also thanks Nikos Kipourgos, Dimitris Tsinidelos, Stefanos Andreadis, George Santamouris, Alexandra Myta, Xronis Tzimos and Angeliki Tobrou