Christina Maxouri - Dimitris Chaliotis

Sotiria’s Songs

An emotionally moving journey through the life and songs of Sotiria Bellou, on the occasion of the 100 years since her birth. A courtyard in the Thissio neighbourhood. A wooden stage, four musicians – two bouzouki, a guitar, an accordion – and an understated performance. Christina Maxouri sings songs by Tsitsanis, Papaioannou, Mitsakis, Kaldaras, and Savvopoulos, to name but a few, in a subtle, authentic manner; songs that were immortalised in Sotiria Bellou’s raspy voice. The songs are interspersed with small narratives, in her own words or in other’s words, about Bellou; funny, unusual anecdotes of a life full of contradictions and twists.

A musical performance about the ‘mistress of Rebetiko’, connecting us with our common roots and bringing us together again.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all performance dates are subject to change