Lena Platonos – Nalyssa Green

Every new live performance by Lena Platonos, one of the most avant-garde Greek composers and performers, is a major event in itself. On this occasion, the artist will delve into the world of an equally idiosyncratic poet, Emily Dickinson, setting some of her most optimistic poems to music and sharing with us a sense of light and hope in this live premiere of her latest album that is named after Dickinson’s iconic poem “’Hope’ is the Thing With Feathers”. The English-language songs will be performed by Athina Routsi and Sissi Rada. The second part of the concert will include songs from various albums of the artist, featuring singer Giannis Palamidas.
The other half of this music event includes Nalyssa Green’s live gig, after abstaining from concerts for almost a year and a half. Sweet and familiar, unpretentious and soft, the spellbinding performer and composer takes us along on an inner, cosmic journey, through vocals, notes, and rhythms inviting us to close our eyes and become united under the moon and the Attica sky.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all performance dates are subject to change