Αντηχήσεις / Echoes

Electronic music composition lab by Akis Sinos and Anke Eckardt

November – December 2020

Deadline for applications: 25 October 2020

Chronotopia Echoes / Αντηχήσεις 

Artistic Lab: November – December 2020 | online
Performances and Presentations: June/July 2021 | Athens

Athens & Epidaurus Festival is pleased to cooperate with Berlin’s CTM Festival and Goethe-Institut Athen on Chronotopia Echoes / Αντηχήσεις, an artistic lab engaging with the artistic knowledge and ideas of KSYME – the Contemporary Music Research Centre in Athens.

Chronotopia is an initiative by CTM Festival and Goethe-Institut Athen, that highlights connections between experimental music and research present and past. Points of contact between past and current music, sound, and media practices are explored, for instance via re-articulations of pre-modern musical forms and practices, media-archeological research, or archives amongst others. Avoiding a linear perspective that constructs time as an indication of progress, Chronotopia adopts and explores cyclical and spiralling ideas of history and time, narrative folds, parallel cultural transmissions, as well as temporal collapses where past and present fall into each other to arrive at a new dialogue. Sound, music, media practices, and speculative activities allow for alternative temporal spaces and histories.

Chronotopia Echoes / Αντηχήσεις will engage a group of sound artists and composers of electronic or electroacoustic music, selected via open call, who will be invited to interact with the vast archives of KSYME under the guidance of Anke Eckardt and Akis Sinos, with the aim to create new works that will be presented in concert in Athens by end of June / beginning of July 2021. Guest scholars will conduct public webinars to offer insights on techno-cultural significance and condition of archives in the digital age.

The live events that had been originally scheduled for Chronotopia in 2020 will coincide with the presentation of these new works.


Chronotopia Echoes / Αντηχήσεις seeks sound artists and composers of electronic and electroacoustic music or sound artists with an intermedia approach, from all over the world. Rather than purely theoretical and academic engagements, we seek artists who are engaged in hands-on experimentation and hybrid sounds and technologies. Artists should be interested in engaging with the sounds and recordings of the KSYME archive as much as with the concepts and histories stored therein, though this interest can be felt a broad sense; it is for example not mandatory to work with the archival recordings themselves, they could rather be used as inspirations for brand new works and original sound material.  

A series of six intensive online labs with artists selected from an open call (see below) will explore points of contact between the materials and ideas expressed within the KSYME archive, and current contemporary practice. The goal is to imagine and seek possibilities of reworking the archived materials, for example via re-interpreting scores, concepts, compositional methodologies, and personal/ historical narratives. Beyond the respect for the archived works, it is the understanding of the existing material as processes which took place in the past that might offer potential starting points for novel transformative processes in the present.

Six selected artists will be granted a commission fee of 700 euro for the creation and presentation of a new sound work. Artists are encouraged to accompany their final artworks with additional materials that document and depict their artistic process (e.g. scores, spatial & temporal instructions for an installation, performance instructions, etc.).

Performance and Presentation in Athens

The commissions will premiere as a showcase event at the Athens & Epidaurus Festival end of June / beginning July 2021 in Athens. The exact formats and details of the presentations will be decided together with the organisers, and are dependent on the COVID regulations at the time of the event. The selected artists will be brought to Athens for a paid stay, at which time they can visit KSYME and meet their fellow artistic lab colleagues and mentors. If in-person visits and presentations are not possible due to COVID restrictions, presentations will be staged remotely/online. 

While we encourage applicants from everywhere in the world, please keep in mind that the online sessions and webinars will take place during the day time in central European time. Artists should consider their home timezone and scheduling accordingly.

Please also note that all activities will be conducted in English. Applications should likewise be submitted in English.

Application deadline: 25 October 2020

Winners will be notified by 4 November 2020

Weekly sessions will take place Wednesday afternoons (16-18:00 GMT+3, 15:00-17:00 GMT+2) and are each two hours long:

Session #1: 11 November 2020

Session #2: 18 November 2020

Session #3: 25 November 2020

Session #4: 2 December 2020

Session #5: 9 December 2020

Session #6: 16 December 2020

Applicants are expected to be present at all 6 sessions.


About KSYME Contemporary Music Research Centre

KSYME was founded in 1979 in Athens by Iannis Xenakis, Giannis G. Papaioannou, and Stephanos Vassileiadis, with the aim to support the research and development of electroacoustic music in Greece. Since then KSYME has been actively engaged in the fields of research, education, publications, music creation/composition, dissemination, and exchange of ideas on art and technology, as well as with the curation and production of music events. KSYME’s staff consists of collaborators thoroughly trained on the use and instruction of technological systems, and inspired by common aspirations. KSYME also engages guest collaborators for the implementation of its programmes.

A Few Words About KSYME’s Archive

KSYME’s Sound Archive consists of more than 2500 objects (sound tapes, cassettes, DAT, CD, hard drives). Its content is chronologically situated between 1950 and today and includes recordings of contemporary, electronic, traditional, and classical music, as well as documentation of music and educational events (lectures and seminars) that were curated and presented at KSYME. 


About the Mentors

Akis Sinos studied social sciences in Athens and digital media in London. He has been an active member of the athenian music scene over the last decade. He is a founding member of Romvos, a collective platform for the promotion of contemporary creative production in experimental and exploratory art and music. In 2015 he co-founded Hypermedium, a record label and production team that has so far amassed a diverse roster of international artists. Since 2016 he taught at the Sound Synthesis and Electronic Music Workshop, which operates at KSYME. In 2018, he took part in the creation of Ubique, where he also led a series of seminars. Ubique acted as a platform that examined technical and aesthetic issues relating to modern sound-making such as digital audio synthesis, aesthetics and philosophy of contemporary art, phenomenological and ecological approaches to sound, sensory interaction, online music applications, and other relevant issues.


Anke Eckardt is a sound and media artist based in Cologne, Germany. Her work includes cross-media installations, teaching, and research. 2017-2020 she taught as Professor of Sound at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. 2019-2020 she additionally was Visiting Professor of Sound Art at the Mainz School of Music, Johannes Gutenberg University in Germany. In 2019, together with Karin Lingnau and Lilian Haberer, she conducted a research project at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne on an artistic archive that focuses on the processuality of artistic action. Since 2014, she has been a member of the transdisciplinary platform BUILDING ART INVENTION, it is ded­i­cat­ed to the de­vel­op­ment of in­no­va­tive ma­te­rials sys­tems at the con­ver­gence of art and sci­ence. In her own installations Anke Eckardt explores spatial theories and aesthetic approaches to theories of consciousness using sound, light, architecture, kinetic objects and text as material. Eckardt’s works have been presented internationally in exhibitions at Ars Electronica, NEMO, Steirischer Herbst, CTM, Skanu Mesz and the European Media Art Festival, among other events and conferences. Her multi-sensory installation work “Between | You | And | Me“, received an Honorary Mention in the “Digital Musics and Sound Art” category of Prix Ars Electronica 2012.


CTM Festival

Berlin’s CTM Festival supports an open, networked, mutually-collaborative, global music culture through its yearly 10-day festival as well as countless collaborative and research initiatives, co-commissions, concerts, and other constantly-evolving formats. The 20 year-old festival stands out for its conscious pairing of daring artistic content and adventurous club experiences with an in-depth discourse programme, framing today’s sounds and music cultures within a shifting, hybrid global society.


Athens & Epidaurus Festival 

Spanning a rich history of 65 years, the Athens & Epidaurus Festival is the foremost public cultural organisation in Greece and one of the oldest active festivals in Europe. Over the decades, the Festival has welcomed some of the greatest music, dance, and theatre artists of the international and local scene, attracting large audiences from around the world. 

The Festival is held annually at five main venues. The iconic Odeon of Herodes Atticus is a home for major music events, with a special emphasis on celebrated orchestras and soloists. The Peiraios 260 venue highlights the latest trends in theatre and dance, inviting internationally acclaimed, avant-garde creative teams, and commissioning new works by Greek artists. The world-famous Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus features primarily ancient tragedies and comedies by established Greek and international directors. The Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus, by contrast, is infused with a more experimental quality, focusing on musical/theatrical performances. 

Under its current Artistic Director, Katerina Evangelatos, the Festival aims to expand its scope through co-productions with world-renowned theatre and dance companies, as well as showcasing Greek artists and connecting research with audience development. 


Goethe-Institut Athen

The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach. We encourage international cultural exchange and seek to nurture international artistic partnerships, developing project ideas involving close collaboration between Goethe-Instituts and local institutions such as festivals and educational establishments as well as individual directors, musicians, choreographers and others in the performing arts. The Goethe-Institut conveys an up-to-date image of the diversity of music in Germany and initiates dialogue and exchange between artists at home and abroad.

The Goethe-Institut Athen is the oldest Goethe-Institut worldwide – it operates in the heart of Athens as a vibrant center of education and culture.


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