Due to increased interest of prospective applicants for Epidaurus Lyceum, deadline for applications has been extended to May 20th. Applications can be submitted online here.

10 reasons to apply for Epidaurus Lyceum

1. Studying in Epidaurus can be an invaluable experience, a true blessing that is not to be missed. Epidaurus is the most popular destination in the world linked to ancient drama.

2. An amazing opportunity for drama and dance students, as well as young actors and dancers from around the world, to live together and interact for 15 days in a landmark location, a place laden with history, bridging the ancient times with the natural beauty of the Greek landscape.

3. It offers a unique practical and experiential research of ancient drama through traditional and modern experimental methods.

4. Ameeting point for emerging international and Greek artists, teachers, and students of various skills and cultural backgrounds.

5. A hotbed of young artists, which can allow them to expand their perspective on a global scale and help them in their future steps as artists.

6. Students can acquire a comprehensive experience through theatre – performing it, speaking about it, listening to it, watching it.

7. Classes are conducted in English, the most spoken language worldwide.

8. It is an educational programme of Athens & Epidaurus Festival, one of the oldest festivals in Europe, which played a major part in repatriating ancient drama in its natural birthplace, ancient theatre.

9. It is realized in collaboration with the Theatre Studies Department of the School of Fine Art of the University of the Peloponnese and certified with ECTS.

10. Realized under the auspices and support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports as part of the International Network of Ancient Drama.