The Athens Epidaurus Festival is about to welcome audiences on June 1. Peiraios 260 will kick off this year’s programme, followed by the Odeon of Herodes Atticus on June 14 and the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus and the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus on June 25. This is the second year in a row that the Festival will operate in emergency mode due to the pandemic. Utilising last year’s experience, the Festival is more than prepared to guarantee the safety of audiences and all participants.

In 2020, strict adherence to the regulations and necessary adjustments to the venues took precedence over all other considerations in order for the Festival to welcome over 50,000 visitors. Ultimately, the Festival proved to do exemplary work, setting the tone by introducing good practices that were adopted for the entire summer season. Audiences and critics alike unanimously acknowledged the flawless organisation. Spectators also behaved in an exemplary manner, maintaining physical distance and keeping their face masks on whenever required.

This year, maximum allowed capacity for the venues is 50%. Given that advance booking has already started, the Festival ensures the audience that all events will be held under the strictest conditions possible, in order to protect the health of all those present (audiences, artists, employees). This year’s Festival regulations have also incorporated all the health measures instituted by the Greek government with respect to live shows at open-air theatres. This set of special measures aims to protect audiences upon their entrance and exit from the venues, as well as throughout their stay in the venues.

Peiraios 260 will once again be active, after a year-long hiatus. Required adjustments have been made to the two halls where performances will take place. More specifically, Halls D and E now come complete with retractable roofs, being converted into open-air theatres with natural ventilation. The venues will be disinfected according to health instructions.

Watch the plan for open roofs at Peiraios 260

As in last year, seats at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, and the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus, both in the Lower and the Upper Tier, will be numbered. Tickets can be purchased exclusively as individual seats or a pair of seats. The maximum allowed number of tickets per purchase is 4 (four). All tickets are personal and non-transferable and will be verified upon entrance in a contactless manner, by use of scanner.

Entrance and exit gates for audiences and their passage through the venues have also underwent adjustments wherever possible as a way of avoiding overcrowding outside the venues. Areas have been cordoned off in order to maintain a 1,5-metre distance between audience members upon entering and exiting the venues. Again as a way of avoiding overcrowding, audiences are recommended to arrive at the venue 60’ before the start of performances at Peiraios 260, the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation, the To Steki tou Ilia, and the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus and 90’ before the start of the performances at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus and the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus. As was the case last year, there will be no intervals and audiences will gradually exit the performance venue, following the ushers’ instructions. Audiences must keep their mask on throughout their stay in the venue, from the moment they enter to the moment they exit the venue. It is worth mentioning that once again this year the Festival has hired extra ushers and guards, ensuring that all required measures and regulations are observed and facilitating this entire process for audiences and artists.

Extra toilets have been placed in special positions outside the venues, as a way of avoiding overcrowding around restrooms. This summer, canteens at venues will once again be active (starting on June 15), implementing all necessary disinfection, cordoning and physical distancing instructions. Special measures have also been implemented in dressing rooms and surrounding spaces, ensuring necessary health and hygiene conditions for artists participating in performances.


In order for the public to enter performances that take place indoors, it is required to present a valid vaccination certificate or disease certificate in accordance with the provisions of the Greek Government regulations. The entrance is done with the use of a mask and by observing the distances both during the attendance and during the performances and according to the instructions of EODY. Refusal to show a relevant vaccination certificate or lack thereof makes it impossible for the ticket holder to enter without claiming a refund of the price paid for its purchase.