Dear audiences,
the performance of ödipus on September 4th 2021, at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, was interrupted due to a sudden downpour that made its continuation impossible for safety reasons.
Audience members who wish to transfer their tickets to the performance on Sunday, September 5th 2021 can
1) Email (quoting their transaction reference)
2) call 210.7234567
3) at theater s box office today 5/9
For refunds, the procedure is as follows:
1) For tickets bought in cash or via POS, please contact the Athens Epidaurus Festival box office after September 6th
2) For tickets bought online, please email starting from 6/9/21 (quoting the title and date of the performance and the transaction code (e.g. Refund_Odipus_4/9_1234567)