If the 2020 motto was “nothing is ever going to be the same again”, the re-ignition of artistic activity in 2021 reminded us that Art always invents new ways to soothe us and provide relief from the impasses of life.

At times hopeful, at times challenging, 2021 finally comes to an end.

Enjoy standout moments from this year’s rich, diverse, and captivating programme of the Athens Epidaurus Festival.


The Festival’s heart beats during the winter

The year 2021 marked the first time in the Athens Epidaurus Festival’s history that its programme was held during the winter, encompassing a series of new works, research programmes, and educational initiatives.

Spanning a diverse set of events, from the successful Radio Plays that revived the lost tradition of radio drama and the “Morphés” Fashion workshop that drew inspiration from Ancient Drama to the Ancient Future Solo dance educational programme for adolescents and an original musical/theatrical fairytale for children, Open Plan expanded the Festival’s calendar. It is now scheduled to return in the winter of 2022, boasting an even more multifaceted and captivating programme.


Dramaturgy taking centre stage

A pioneering research residency on the Dramaturgy of ancient drama that was launched this year at Peiraios 260 and was completed at the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus. Artists from a wide range of the arts came together at the beautiful ancient theatre, against a natural landscape, conducting research under the guidance of established mentors.

▶️ Press play to watch Katerina Evangelatos, Artistic Director of the Athens Epidaurus Festival, explaining the rationale behind this unique initiative.


Music in the city!

Music is one of the main pillars of our artistic programme. From the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus to the electrifying soundscapes of Peiraios 260, from the majestic Odeon of Herodes Atticus to a traditional taverna in Thissio, the Athens Epidaurus Festival ventures to bring audiences in contact with productions defying conventions and offering unforgettable experiences to festivalgoers.

Our different venues, each of which retains its own, distinctive identity, embody our vision for a form of contemporary, unconventional art. Let us here recall the first part of our musical productions.


A timeless artistic and cultural landmark

Built in the 4th century BC, the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, a world-famous monument of cultural heritage, is also the Festival’s birthplace (1955). Its rare energy, combined with a striking architecture that is inextricably bound with the natural landscape, offers an unparalleled, enchanting theatrical experience to artists and audiences alike.

This year, with the therapeutic qualities of art more indispensable than ever before, both the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus and the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus welcomed thousands of visitors, offering them mesmerizing moments. We watched original works inspired by Ancient Drama, classical and new takes on ancient plays, as well as acclaimed artists, both international and Greece-based, whose avantgarde performances thrilled us with their subversive dramaturgy and aesthetics.


The unconventional face of the Festival

Festivalgoers had the opportunity to watch subversive performances by both up-and-coming and established artists, Greek and international alike; productions at the forefront of contemporary worldwide artistic trends, fostering passionate discussions among art aficionados.

Once again this year, theatre, dance, performance, opera, music, film Screenings, and Visual Installations showcased our beloved industrial venue as the most dynamic home to the festival.


Standout moments of 2021

With 2022 just around the corner, we are looking back at some standout moments of the 2021 festival, as we cross the finishing line of yet another difficult year.

Despite the various challenges, the 2021 Festival was a major – and ultimately successful – endeavour for us, enabling artists, audiences, and the festival team to finally reunite and rejoice at the beauty of priceless live performances.