her*magic, her*work, her*desire, her*power, her*care

The Aphrodite* platform focuses on queer feminist art, bringing the local and international LGBTQI+ community together, with the purpose of simultaneously approaching diverse types of audience in Athens.

Aphrodite* highlights post-colonial practices on a European and a Greek context, along with queer activism, anti-racism, and the struggle against sexism and rape culture. Through their works, activities and workshops, the various artists and contributors participating in Aphrodite* tackle care ethics, the meta-pornographic politics vis-à-vis desire, the poetics of queer language(s) and the relationship between language and trans* bodies. Overall, the Aphrodite* project further establishes the collaboration between the Athens Museum of Queer Arts, the Athens-based Beaver collective, the Pembe Hayat Kuirfest in Ankara and Cinenova in London, while at the same time expanding its collaboration with new institutions and groups such as the TransFormations – Trans* Film Festival Berlin and the Athens-based Political Fatties, thus solidifying the international bonds across queer feminist groups and cultural production.

For more information: https://aphroditeproject.org/

In addition to Lais Open Air Cinema, workshops and events will be held in the following venues:

AΜΟQA (Athens Museum of Queer Arts)
Patision 14, Stoa Fexi, 5th floor
Accessible to wheelchairs


Vasileiou tou Megalou 46Α

Matzato Kerameikos
Megalou Alexandrou 124, 10435 Athens-Kerameikos

Workshops and presentations


6 June


*Gender Panic Ink Queer MagiK Sigil Making*

Production team workshop (closed)


16-22 June

Opening 16 June / 20:30

Opening hours

17-19.6 / 18:00-21:00 & 20-22.6 / 15:00- 18:00



Visibly Invisible - the exhibition:

A visual celebration of glorious Black Greek Queer bodies 

Photos Elizabeth Okoh

Curated by Adeola Naomi Aderemi by Distinguished Diva


16 June / 18:00-20:00


Adeola Aderemi by Distinguished Diva

Visibly Invisible: Yoga Healing Workshop

Participation with subscription


20 June / 18:00-21:00


Sofia Bempeza – Despina Sevasti

Gender troubles in (art) education 

Participation with subscription


21 June / 16:00-18:00
Atina Kolektifi
Coffee-Reading As a Method of Care - Or How To Make Magic Relevant Again
Participation with subscription


21 June / 18:00-20:00


Chloe Kolyri, Stella Kasdovassili, Dimitra Tzanaki, Giannis Rigas, Kostas Skarpidis and the Queering Psychoanalysis group.

Queer sexuality & psychoanalysis



22 June / 18:00-20:00


Rana Haddad, Eleni Tsampouri, Olympia Zographos
Τhe unexpected love objects of dunya noor
Book presentation / Performance


23 June / 18:00-19:00


Political Fatties
We’d rather be fat than be a goddess


Gender Panic Ink Queer MagiK Sigil Making
Production workshop (closed)






21 Ιουνίου

her* magic

Tejal Shah, Between the Waves (India, 26’, no dialogue)

TransFormations – Trans* Film Festival Berlin:

Rodrigo D’Alcântara, Ascensão e Queda das Bixas (Brazil, 2018, 38΄)

Maude Matton & SJ Rahatoka, Swarm of Selenium (Germany, 2017, 23΄)

/22:45 Intermission

Jean-Pierre Bekolo, Les Saignantes (Cameroon, 2005, 97΄)


22 June

her* desire, her* care

Vilma Meniki, Οi Katines mou (Greece, 2019, 74΄, no dialogue)

Μargarita Athanasiou, The Famous Nurse (Greece, 2018, 7΄, with English subtitles)

Pol Merchan, Pirate Boys (Germany, 2018, 13΄, with English subtitles)

/22:45 Intermission

Cinenova London:

Sarah Pucill, Backcomb (ΗΒ, 1995, 5΄, no dialogue)

Tran T Kim Trang, Aletheia (USA, 1992, 16΄)

Leah Gilliam, Now Pretend (USA, 1991, 10΄)

Saundra Sharp, Back Inside Herself (USA, 1984, 5΄)

Tracey Moffatt, Nice Coloured Girls (Australia, 1987, 16΄)

Caroline Sheldon, 17 Rooms (Or What Do Lesbians Do in Bed?) (UK, 1985, 9΄)

Anna Brownfield, Wicked Women (Australia, 2018, 6΄)

Pembe Hayat Kuirfest Ankara:

Demhat Aksoy, ROOM EX (Turkey/Sweden, 2018, 8΄, no dialogue)

Queers’ Talks Workshop (video, 2019, 10΄)




23 June

her* work, her* power

Su Friedrich, From The Ground Up (USA, 2007, 54΄)

Prokne, Carmela's Garden (Greece, 2018, 5΄43΄΄, no dialogue)

Thomas Anthony Owen, Kentaro Kumanomido, Faster Than Light (Greece, 2019, 70΄)

/23:15 Διάλειμμα

Pembe Hayat Kuir Fest Ankara:

Gizem Aksu, Archive of Feelings: Radical Compassion (Turkey, 2018, 10΄, no dialogue)

Evi Tsiligaridou, These Are My Hands (UK, 2018, 8΄)

Jay Bernard, Something Said (UK, 2017, 8΄)

Sinan Göknur, Rüya (Turkey, 2018, 2΄30΄΄, no dialogue)

Qigemu, Reality Fragment 160921, (UK/Sweden, 2017, 13΄)

Michelle Fiordaliso, These Streets Are Ours: Two Lives Cross In Karachi (USA/Pakistan, 2017, 16΄)


Greek subtitles in all performances