Subset Festival • New music festival

Ergon Ensemble • Reich / Richter
The Athens Epidaurus Festival at the Athens Conservatoire

Curated by Stavros Gasparatos

Τhe Ergon Ensemble presents two iconic works of Grammy Award-winning Steve Reich, Radio Rewrite and Reich / Richter. Having inspired contemporary artists such as John Adams and Brian Eno as well as major choreographers of our times, from Jiří Kylián and Jerome Robbins to Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Steve Reich is considered the greatest living American composer. In his extremely popular work for 11 musicians titled Radio Rewrite, he works on pop music material for the first time. More specifically, he draws inspiration from two Radiohead songs (“Jigsaw Falling into Place” and “Everything in Its Right Place”).

Reich / Richter, a work for a big ensemble, is presented simultaneously with the film Moving Picture (946-3) by Gerhard Richter and Corinna Belz, performed in Greece for the very first time and constituting a unique experience for spectators/listeners, as the latter will watch two worlds gradually evolving and disintegrating through a continuous parallel movement of sound and image. The work was premiered in New York City from the Ensemble Signal in April 2019 and has since received glowing reviews in its presentations worldwide.