Sarantos Georgios Zervoulakos

Inspired by Sophocles’ Philoctetes

Author Christos Ikonomou, a recipient of the State Prize of Literature, the Prix Littéraire des Jeunes Européens, the Chowdhury Prize in Literature and the O. Henry Prize for Short Fiction, delivers the play he wrote after being commissioned by the Athens Epidaurus Festival for the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus artistic programme, as part of the Contemporary Ancients Cycle.

Philoctetes is a leading member of an armed revolutionary organization. Following an unsuccessful attack, which led to a young woman being mortally injured, he abandons the organization and finds refuge in a place of self-exile. He is physically and mentally tormented by his guilt for his fatal error: he has aged prematurely, suffers from an open wound on his foot and hallucinates, seeing the dead woman’s ghost. Years later, two younger members of the organization, Kamia and Pyr, are tasked with locating Philoctetes and convincing him to go back into action. Their encounter will assume the form of a showdown that will prove fatal for all persons involved.