Larry Gus - Vassilina - Metaman - Prompt

Indie Playground Festival
Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre
Pireos 254, Tavros

The Indie Playground Festival, organised last year by the Athens Epidaurus Festival in collaboration with the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre Pireos 254, Tavros and United We Fly for the first time, returns this year at the industrial space Playground 260. For two nights, the open-air space behind Peiraios 260 is transformed into a stage and invites us to discover the new blood of contemporary independent Greek music.

The line-up includes well-known and up-and-coming names of the Greek indie and alternative music scene: Larry Gus, Deaf Radio, AMKA, Whereswilder, Prompt, Kooba Tercu, Metaman, Vassilina.

Prompt – Metaman – Vassilina – Larry Gus

Prompt is an electronic audiovisual duo from Athens. Their sound, a fusion of pop forms, explosive rhythms, and ambient soundscapes, is algorithmically tied to interactive visual shows, pushing the boundaries of performance art. The duo has been on an experimental journey since 2022, creating unique experiences in their live-sets inviting the audience to immerse and interact.

ΜΕΤΑΜΑΝ is Thomas Gounaropoulos’ personal music project. His debut album Irina was released and sold out in 2020. His second album Mataiosi was released in 2022. He has collaborated with a wide range of artists, both contemporary (such as Pan Pan, Phonoptikon, Vassilina, A.Epitheti, and others) and classics of the Greek music scene (such as Lena Platonos and Georges Pilali). With his –soon to be released– third album, METAMAN combines trip hop with the rave scene. His music features recitations in original Greek lyrics, as well as orchestral pieces. In his live performances he uses his entire collection of synthesizers and drum machines for a live electronics hardware experience.

Originating from Greece and based between London and Athens, VASSIŁINA composes pieces that balance pop aesthetic elements with dark electronic influences. With references from avant-pop, as well as the British and French synth-pop and electro-pop scenes, in her live shows she delivers a punk melancholic soundscape. With intense vocal delays, eerie field-recordings and melancholic polyphonies, VASSIŁINA straddles the line between chaos and the dance scene. Her debut album Fragments (Inner Ear Records) was released in 2021, followed by concerts in Greece and the UK, and appearances in many Greek and international festivals. This year she will release her second album entitled Femmeland (Inner Ear Records).

Larry Gus
Panagiotis Melidis (b.1982) is a Greek musician, producer, and composer who has been writing music as Larry Gus since 2006. A computer engineer, holding an MSc in Sound and Music Computing by MTG in Barcelona, he has been releasing records for various labels since 2009. His work could be described as a constant struggle against coincidences, and in conjunction with his hyperactive and chaotically improvisational concerts he has found himself collaborating with choreographers, architects, scriptwriters and theatre and film directors. He lives and works in Athens.