Subset Festival ⊆ – New Music Festival

Magda Lampropoulou & Dimitra Kousteridou | MIZI – George Kokkinaris – Thanos Polymeneas
In co-production with the Athens Conservatoire

Curated by Stavros Gasparatos


Magda Lampropoulou & Dimitra Kousteridou

Twist is a performance that combines the analogue sound of sculptural constructions by Magda Lampropoulou with DIY electronic circuits and live-electronics techniques by Dimitra Kousteridou. Small manual and mechanical sculptures-constructions of objects and shapes with a feminine accent are twisting and turning in a synchronised dance. Light exercises in balancing between the fragile nature of materials, such as glass, ceramics, paper, fabric, and the tenuous dynamics of their sounds.
Combining electroacoustic processes in real time, Dimitra Kousteridou gives a live performance where the unpredictable acoustic events and the gestures involved in the making of the installation are amplified by expanded timbre, time, and splicing techniques in drone layers of sound.

Twist in situ sound installation

The performance is accompanied by an in-situ sound installation, especially designed for the Subset Festival by Magda Lampropoulou, open to the public from 10 to 14 June at the Arts Lounge. Participants navigate among floating ever-changing in shape and sound sculptures, which they can freely touch and are thus led to discovering diverse qualities of sounds emanating from physical contact with the outer shell of metal and paper surfaces and their unseen inner elements as well.


MIZI - George Kokkinaris - Thanos Polymeneas

MIZI, George Kokkinaris, and Thanos Polymeneas present MAZA. A specially designed and curated sonic experience for Subset and the New Stage at the Athens Conservatoire. The concert venue will be immersed in a dense sonic atmosphere featuring two amplified double basses, a custom feedback double bass, a digital system of 256 pure tones, and a halldorophone, all diffused through an 8-channel speaker arrangement.

The strong amplification of the acoustic instruments will provide a hyperrealistic sonic experience, allowing the listener to hear every single microsound produced by the strings, fretboard, bow, and body of the instrument.

Based on just-intonation tuning, the combination of the double basses’ sonorities and the pure tones produces an otherworldly soundscape. Utilising event and graphic scores alongside improvisational elements, the ensemble explores the boundaries of audibility, psychoacoustic phenomena, microtonal harmonies, and complex spectral masses.

The three artists invite the audience to immerse themselves in the sonic environment, experiencing phantom tones, sonic continuums, fluctuating harmonic formations, microsounds at the threshold of audibility, and the spatial patterns of all these sound structures within the space of the New Stage.

The Subset Festival, the multifaceted music platform launched last year, held by the Athens Epidaurus Festival in co-production with the Athens Conservatoire, returns refreshed but always with a focus on the dialogue between contemporary music and new media.

Named after a mathematical term (subset ⊆), the Subset Festival together diverse versions of contemporary musical creation, incorporating a wide variety of artistic trends.

From 10 to 14 June, the renovated Conservatoire venues will host musical ensembles and soloists, established and up-and-coming alike, both from Greece and around the world, visual and sound installations and performances, as well as open call workshops.