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The Performance Shop

Lia Haraki, one of the most acclaimed contemporary artists in Cyprus, brings The Performance Shop to Athens, a pop-up shop open at regular shopping hours (plus for a few evening performances) on one one the main shopping streets in downtown Athens. Spectators/passers-by will be able to watch, participate in or even order performances from a variety of available shows. The Performance Shop was conceived and organized by Lia Haraki and her team, and debuted in Nicosia in 2014 (Pop-Up Festival / NiMAC). In 2016, it was chosen by European Dancehouse Network (EDN) as one of the best contemporary artistic practices in Europe promoting the exposure of the audience to alternative forms of dance.
The programme comprises works by various Greece-based performance artists, chosen by the five-member committee of the shop following an open call. Available performances will fall into one of the following sections: on display (artists performing in the window of a shop), participation (which individuals can order from a menu), performances for small spaces and limited number of spectators, and workshops related to performance practices by invited artists. Two works by Lia Haraki, first performed at The Performance Shop 2015, will also be presented: The Active Spectator, featuring actor Marios Ioannou, and SKIN featuring performers Arianna Marcoulides and Petros Konnaris.

Opening hours: 10:00-21:00 (plus for evening shows)

Closed on Sundays

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