Municipal Theatre of Piraeus - Nikos Diamantis

What We Owe Democracy
Three-day platform of actions in co-production with the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus

Ethics, justice, democracy, and the environment are always issues in the contemporary political landscape, shaken by distrust in the public sphere and disbelief in the potential to represent the ‘I’ within the community. Furthermore, the new realities emerging concerning issues of gender identities, bioethics, and the environment make it imperative to redefine the ‘We’ and to encourage social participation and inclusion. Focusing on the triptych Health – Food – Language, the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus proposes a platform of creative collaboration between about 30 artists aspiring to raise awareness, mobilise citizens, and create synergies. This highly aspiring action engages four social foundations* that address distinct population groups (people on the autism spectrum, people with special skills, children, etc.). The programme will take place in three different landmark venues, each corresponding to its different aspects: the Keratsini Sea Food Market (Food), the Sotiria Hospital (Health), and the National Library of Greece (Language).

The artistic contributors of this ‘dramaturgy of the urgent’, as Nikos Diamantis, artistic director of the Piraeus Municipal Theatre, calls it, will be seven renowned literary authors and playwrights (Glykeria Basdeki, Christos Chryssopoulos, Elias Maglinis, Michalis Makropoulos, Sofia Nikolaidou, Nikitas Siniosoglou, Vivian Stergiou), twelve actors-performers, three visual art curators, and a director. Poets, dancers, visual artists, musicians, and philosophers will contribute to the events that will be produced in these special venues.

* Piraeus Society for the Protection of Minors O kalos poimin, Hatzikyriakeio Foundation, Special Education Workshop Margarita, Mental and Social Support Organisation Pyxida.