Only a few days left for applying for the two first Open Plan workshops.

Monday, October 14: Deadline for applications for “Ancient Future Solo”, the dance workshop for adolescents, run by established choreographer Marianna Kavallieratos. Learn more and apply here (in Greek).

Monday, October 16: Deadline for applications for the fashion workshop “Morphés”, run by acclaimed fashion designer Ioanna Kourbela. Learn more and apply here (in Greek).

On the occasion of this reminder, we would like to inform you about the special measures adopted by the Festival, which will make sure all workshops are safely conducted. It is a series of practices and rules designed to strictly observe all health protocols related to COVID-19. More specifically:

  • The venue is disinfected after each class.
  • There is temperature measurement upon entrance to the venue.
  • The venue is spacious enough to make sure that the minimum required physical distance is maintained among everyone present.
  • The venue is sufficiently ventilated. An open-circuit ventilation system is used.
  • Participants are required to sanitise their hands before and after the class.
  • The use of masks is mandatory before, during, and after all events (theatre, dance, workshops etc.).
  • Participants must make sure they keep required physical distance from each other while at the venue.
  • Guardians/escorts are not allowed to remain at the venue during the workshops.
  • Participants are strongly advised to bring their own bottle/flask of water.
  • Participants must also make sure their private items and clothes are safely locked away during the workshops. They must also remove their shoes before reaching the dance floor.
  • With respect to dance workshops, no exercises featuring dance partners have been included in the programme.
  • Should the changing room space prove to be insufficient, participants must take turns using the changing rooms.
  • The use of showers is not allowed.