Open Call

for the artistic programme

of the Athens Epidaurus Festival 2024

The Athens Epidaurus Festival, in preparation for the artistic programme of 2024, invites you to submit your proposals from 30/05/2023 to 15/07/2023 at 18:00. Applications can only be submitted by filling in the online form posted on the Festival’s website.

The Artistic Directorate of the Athens Epidaurus Festival is particularly interested in proposals that place research at their core and have a novel approach to conception, dramaturgy, aesthetic orientation, thematics and methodology, performative techniques, as well as a novel approach to the creative response to the great questions of humanity and our times, through the means of Art.

Our aim is to make the Athens Epidaurus Festival a fertile field of creativity in open dialogue with today’s society, supporting artists and providing them with the necessary means to work freely and unhindered on their subject matter, to try out new ideas and new forms of collaboration and to expand their relationship with the public.

Detailed information:

Odeon of Herodes Atticus: Applications are accepted for music productions.

Peiraios 260: Applications are accepted for Theatre, Dance, Music, Performance and Hybrid productions.

Theatre productions: preference will be given to plays based on Greek theatre or literary works (prose or poetry), or on works that will emerge from the trial process. Submission is required for complete texts. A five-page sample is required, in particular, for unpublished texts.

The Festival is interested in supporting primarily smaller and more flexible artistic groups, with easy to move stage equipment.

Dance: the Festival is interested in choreographic works that present a unique, personal artistic language and also negotiate with current social and political concerns and aspirations, as manifested and experienced in contemporary Greek reality.

Music: preference will be given to contemporary artistic creation.

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus: Applications are accepted for performances of Ancient Tragedy / Comedy.

The completion and submission of the form implies acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

  • The proposed productions must not have been presented in Greece.

  • The submission of a proposal does not guarantee its inclusion in the programming of the Athens Epidaurus Festival.

  • The Artistic Directorate of the Athens Epidaurus Festival is not obliged to justify the rationale of its choices regarding the rejected proposals.

  • The information submitted is binding. The Artistic Directorate of the Athens Epidaurus Festival reserves the right to review a proposal in case essential aspects are modified (e.g., a change of lead actress(es)/actor(s) and/or main artist(s), radical change in the original concept, deviation from the submitted budget).

Questions regarding the call for proposals may be sent exclusively by e-mail to:

Artistic Proposal Submission Form

The application deadline has expired.