The Athens Epidaurus Festival 2021 successfully came to an end on Sunday, October 10, an occasion that proved both incredibly moving and deeply joyous. Through a rich, diverse programme, that once again brought audiences in touch with the magic of live performances and the crème de la crème of international artists, the Festival welcomed visitors for 19 consecutive weeks, taking them along on a mesmerising journey.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the Festival managed to present a total of 82 live productions to more than 145,000 spectators, with the participation of over 1,500 artists from Greece and abroad. Given that numbers and statistics cannot adequately capture our emotions, we would like to emphasise that, for us, every single one of the performances featured in this year’s Festival proved an extraordinary experience, a unique opportunity for fostering connection among artists and between audiences and artists.

Thanks to the unwavering support of all Festival employees, this year’s extensive and high-quality artistic programme was successfully realised, strictly adhering to all health protection measures for audiences, spectators and employees.

In the wake of 131 Festival days, we bid you farewell, looking back at this year’s programme with a number of photos.

Our in-depth review of this year’s programme will follow soon.

Until then, stay tuned at the Festival’s official website and social media, where we will keep you posted on the Open Plan winter events!

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation!

The Athens Epidaurus Festival team