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International Summer School on Ancient Drama

The Epidaurus Lyceum, is an international summer school of ancient drama studies and practice located in the area of ancient Epidaurus …


The treatment of ancient drama as a contemporary performative form has only come about in the last 60 years or so. This treatment focused on how ancient drama could still be performed today, appealing to contemporary audiences while still retaining the genre’s style, ethics and political content, at the same time foregrounding critical questions such as: What is the relationship between the self and the world? Who am I now?


LOCATION: Open air spaces, close to Epidaurus’s surrounding nature, will be used for the workshops in order to liberate the teaching process from a customary indoors practice, thus enhancing educational benefits and the students’ experience and theatre practice.


Students of Theatre Academies, Drama Schools, Dance Schools, Performing Arts Universities and young actors from around the world.

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