Athens State Orchestra – Lukas Karytinos – Khatia Buniatishvili
Works by Tchaikovsky and Bartók

Thanks to a fiery combination of talent, virtuosity, expressivity, and brilliance, Georgian piano superstar Katia Buniatishvili is always able to captivate her audiences wherever she appears, performing highly demanding works and delivering genuinely passionate and inspired readings. This year we welcome her to the Odeon of Herodes Atticus to perform perhaps the most popular piano concerto of all time, Tchaikovsky’s No. 1.

Her companions in this melodic journey through the romantic composer’s world, the Athens State Orchestra and the acclaimed conductor Loukas Karytinos, will transform themselves into... soloists in Bella Bartók's iconic Concerto for Orchestra, the Hungarian mastermind’s most impressive symphonic work; vibrant, uplifting, and bordering on frenzy, promising a most enthralling evening!

Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 23
I. Andante non troppo e molto maestoso – Allegro con spirito
II. Andantino semplice – Allegro vivace assai
III. Allegro con fuoco

BÉLA BARTÓK (1881–1945)
Orchestra Concerto
I. Introduzione. Andante non troppo
II. Presentando le coppie. Allegro scherzando
III. Elegia. Andante non troppo
IV. Intermezzo interrotto. Allegretto
V. Finale. Pesante-Presto