Athens Epidaurus Festival Urban Dance Contest

Breakdance Battle

For the first time in its history, the Athens Festival features a break dance and hip hop battle in its official programme. Battles have been an integral part of breakdance and hip-hop culture in USA since the late 1970s. They were often a way for ghetto gangs to settle their differences. The battles culture was introduced in Greece during the 1990s.

Featuring acclaimed dancers from all over Greece and established judges from Greece and abroad, the battles of the Athens Epidaurus Festival Urban Dance Contest will be split into two categories. On the first day, category is Break 1vs1, in which only individual breakdancers (Β-boys & B-girls) are qualified to participate. On the second day, category is Hip Hop (All Style) 1vs1, in which individual dancers from diverse hip hop styles (hip hop, break, popping, locking) will compete against each other.

Due to the ongoing pandemic crisis, all performance dates are subject to change