Katerina Andreou

Bless This Mess

AEF2024-Katerina Andreou_Bless This Mess ©Hélène Robert (4)


Winner of the European Prix Jardin d’Europe 2016, with a significant career in the European dance scene and loyal fans in Greece, the international Greek choreographer, dancer and musician Katerina Andreou, returns to the Festival with a performance supported by some of the most prestigious institutions of contemporary cultural production, theatres, and festivals.

In an attempt to regain strength but also a space of confidence for indispensable resistance, Katerina Andreou asks herself the question: how can confusion be turned into a tool, a strategy for creation? Bless This Mess, Andreou’s first group piece, expresses a person’s dynamic and irrepressible desire to move with others in order to find a stability of position, a voice that gives courage and energy, a sense of togetherness against chaos and isolation. This work leaves room for play that makes moments of relief and joy emerge.

23 July Post-show talk with the artists.

grape – Greek Agora of Performance is an initiative by the Athens Epidaurus Festival aiming to establish a platform for Greek artists to communicate with the international Theatre and Dance scene, giving them the opportunity to present their works to representatives and artistic directors of international festivals and cultural institutions abroad. For 2024 the platform presents 8 productions during 21 – 25 July.

grape is open to the general public and is part of the main artistic programme of the Athens Epidaurus Festival. The performances included are also scheduled on dates outside the duration of the platform.

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