Chara Kotsali


AEF2024_Chara_Kotsali ©Pinelopi_Gerasimou_Press_kit

Whereas noise in Western society alludes to something negative, the new work of up-and-coming choreographer Chara Kotsali explores the beneficial power of noise in the way to generate joy, solidarity, and a sense of community. Two bodies on stage, a potential extension of an endless human chain, engage in an unproductive dance, in a counter-concert dedicated to the pleasure of disintegration.

Setting off from the political, anthropological, and philosophical aspects of noise and drawing inspiration from the noise music scene, Chara Kotsali invites us to attentively listen to the ‘noisy social bodies’ –those that disrupt the harmony of social consensus. Using noise as an artistic counterexample, the choreographer pays respects to all those noisy – cacophonous, incoherent, paradoxical, discordant, illiterate – voices that, no matter how powerfully articulated, in the end, must always make too much ‘noise’ to be heard.

Chara Kotsali was selected this year by the international dance platform Aerowaves as one of the 20 most promising young creatives of the year. Her first work to be possessed is currently touring all over Europe.

grape – Greek Agora of Performance is an initiative by the Athens Epidaurus Festival aiming to establish a platform for Greek artists to communicate with the international Theatre and Dance scene, giving them the opportunity to present their works to representatives and artistic directors of international festivals and cultural institutions abroad. For 2024 the platform presents 8 productions during 21 – 25 July.

grape is open to the general public and is part of the main artistic programme of the Athens Epidaurus Festival. The performances included are also scheduled on dates outside the duration of the platform.

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