Yolanda Markopoulou - Station Athens Group

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Is there a point where real life meets the digital self and the performing arts?

The Station Athens group, founded in 2009 in the multicultural neighbourhood of Metaxourgeio, consists of refugees and immigrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Based on their own true stories, their performances have won over the audience for the way they bring documentary and fiction together. Their new production focuses on marriage, family, and companionship, humorously highlighting the catalytic role of technological development in transforming family ties.

The members of the group try to cope with life away from the family home with the help of technology. What they have in common is the need to find solutions that will make their everyday lives easier. Having tried everything, they turn to an artificial intelligence application. They follow its advice with sometimes hilarious and even paradoxical outcomes. To what extent can technology transform our lives for the better? The show uses AI technology, video projections, and a unique sound design in a hybrid performance idiom.

grape – Greek Agora of Performance is an initiative by the Athens Epidaurus Festival aiming to establish a platform for Greek artists to communicate with the international Theatre and Dance scene, giving them the opportunity to present their works to representatives and artistic directors of international festivals and cultural institutions abroad. For 2024 the platform presents 8 productions during 21 – 25 July.

grape is open to the general public and is part of the main artistic programme of the Athens Epidaurus Festival. The performances included are also scheduled on dates outside the duration of the platform.

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