Dimitris Kourtakis

Failing to Levitate in My Studio
Α performance inspired by the Beckettian universe

Inspired by the great Irishman’s prose works, Dimitris Kourtakis’ multimedia performance features Aris Servetalis in the lead role, together with a team of internationally acclaimed artists. A performer, shut up in his studio and detached from the world, uses his body as material and as an experiment, until the irreversible dissolution of the Self and the exhausting of words in a space which he constantly and vainly attempts to inhabit: a non-place. Within the cast of the interior space of a two-story building, the performer films himself and his surroundings, akin to Beckett’s Krapp. Sitting on both sides of the building, the audience are invited to a clandestine and ultimately illusory viewing, gradually coming to the realization that they share the performer’s predicament: they are similarly confined to their own, personal chamber, waiting in vain for something. Drawing connections and parallels with contemporary Greece at a liminal, transitional moment in its history, the performance engages with a number of artists, including Bruce Nauman, Vitto Acconci, Terry Fox, Gordon Matta-Clark, and Rachel Whitehead who, sometimes deliberately, sometimes unconsciously, reference the Beckettian universe.