Elli Paspala – My American Songbook
Featuring Vassilikos

A journey down the American musical tradition through songs of legendary artists such as Cole Porter, George Gershwin and Leonard Bernstein as well as contemporary songwriters who defined an era and shaped the aesthetics of many generations to come, including Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon and Prince.

Songs which remain classic and timeless, plus major moments in the history of American songwriting, are masterfully performed by Elli Paspala. Born and raised in New York, she retains the culture and treasures of American music as an integral part of her performing style.

Paspala is joined by a small orchestra consisting of a wind and a string quartet, alongside a group of musicians comprising some of Greece’s most accomplished soloists, led by David Lynch in saxophone, also in charge of instrumentations, Takis Farazis in piano, Petros Klampanis in double bass and Yannis Angelopoulos in drums.

Vassilikos, a fan-favourite of Greek audiences, will also participate, performing songs in his own, unique way, both jointly with Elli Paspala and solo.