Athens Epidaurus Festival Urban Dance Contest

Hip Hop Battle

Following its dynamic dynamic at the Athens Epidaurus Festival 2021, where it introduced the Peiraios 260 audiences to the world of hip hop and street dance, the Athens Epidaurus Festival Urban Dance Contest returns this year with fresh dance “battles”, promising to dazzle us with even more electrifying showdowns!

This year, the contest includes two categories: on Day 1, sixteen of the best dancers working in Greece today will compete 1vs1 in hip hop. On Day 2, audiences will hold their breath watching an All Styles Break, as 32 powerful dancers from around the country will compete in pairs (2vs2) in a variety of styles, including break, hip hop, popping, locking, house, krump, waacking, voguing, and dancehall.

The panel of judges is comprised of highly acclaimed hip hop and street dance performers from Greece and abroad. Once again this year, they will be joined by Dj AmazeMe on the decks, with Sifu Versus serving as the host.