John Cale & Band – Athens Philharmonia Orchestra

From Velvet Underground to Mercy

ft. orchestra & immersive visuals

John Cale, the Welsh musician who made history with the Velvet Underground, will perform at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus: a musical journey through a career spanning six decades, with plenty of classic material as well as songs from his newest album Mercy, which has received glowing reviews from the international music press. Composer, singer, songwriter and record producer of rock, drone, classical, avant-garde and electronic music, Cale and Lou Reed, with Andy Warhol as their manager and Nico as a muse of sorts, founded the Velvet Underground, one of the most beloved avant-garde bands of all time. In 1996, Cale was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He has also been appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire. A student of Iannis Xenakis and John Cage, close friend and collaborator of Brian Eno, with over 20 solo albums under his belt, Cale is also the producer who discovered iconic figures of rock music, including, but not limited to, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Squeeze and Jonathan Richman.

Joining him on the stage are the Athens Philharmonia Orchestra and, of course, his band, presenting a performance specially conceived for the monument, an exclusive world premiere featuring orchestra and immersive visuals.