Romeo Castellucci

La Vita Nuova

The latest work of the internationally acclaimed Italian director and one of the all-time favourites of Athens Festival, Romeo Castellucci, premiered at the old garage of Citroën in Brussels and draws inspiration from Ernst Bloch’s philosophical treatise The Spirit of Utopia. Five men, portrayed by amateur actors of African descent, meet in a large, dusty parking lot. They are brothers. They intend to embark together on a new, better life. They feel disconnected from the world at large, their jobs, politics and art. They no longer believe in the contemporary way of living. Reality appears empty and indifferent to them. There is no longer time to rediscover Eden. They rebel against the dictatorship of habits, the saturation of experience, suffocation and the loss of the senses. They do not chase after the void or a sense of fullness. They dislike artists, because they perceive them as constantly talking instead of acting. Is there anything to be done? The brothers propose an ‘art of living’ instead of ‘living with art.’ A sense of something new coming to life is palpable on the air. They stand still and listen to the biological order of things instead of queuing up to visit an art exhibition. And they use whatever material comes in handy: the here and now, the parking lot with its cars and dust. The silent cars represent the seed of a promise for the future, which the brothers, as prophets of a new life, are called upon to plant.

With Greek and English surtitles

Two performances on 7, 8 and 9 July.

Part of the programme "Tempo Forte Italia - Ελλάδα 2019", an initiative of the Embassy of Italy in Athens, along with cultural institutions, foundations, museums, artists and friends of culture from Greece and Italy, aimed at bringing "more Italy to Greece and more Greece to Italy."