Live at the Platea
Curated by Dimitris Tsakas

After two very successful years of Jazz at the Platea at the open-air space of Peiraios 260, the pocket-music festival that has become a meeting point for all the city’s music lovers takes on a new, expanded form. This year, it will host more musical acts showcasing a variety of musical styles, from jazz, funk, and soul to pop, Latin and electronic music.

Live performances will be taking place throughout the artistic programme of Peiraios 260 after performances, free of admission.


5, 6, & 7 June | MODE PLAGAL

Mode Plagal make their comeback with new compositions and unreleased yet covers of folk songs, in which tradition meets jazz, improvisation spontaneously flirts with sounds we all carry in our musical DNA, and the Mediterranean teams up with blues and Afrobeat.

Thodoris Rellos saxophone, vocals, Kleon Antoniou guitar, vocals, Florian Mikuta keyboards, vocals, Takis Kanellos drums, Antonis Maratos bass, Angelos Polychronou percussion, Achilleas Kanellos acoustic piano



Nefeli Fasouli is a talented young singer who stands out in spite of stylistic constraints and specifications. At the Festival she will be presenting for the first time her new jazz album Phases, for which she wrote the lyrics and music, and had it recorded last year in the US. The Nefeli Fasouli Quintet hovers over Greek music and jazz and is expected to showcase a captivating mosaic of songs both from her Phases album, as well as from O Kosmos Sou.

Nefeli Fasouli vocals, Stavros Manthos saxophone, Costis Christodoulou keyboards, Kimon Karoutzos double bass, Jason Wastor drums

26, 27 & 29 June | MISSIGNO

The experimental electronic trio Missigno was formed in Athens in 2020 by Nicholas Wastor (synthesizers), George Constantinou (bass), and Jason Wastor (drums). The band’s core philosophy is largely based on thematic and abstract improvisation combined with original compositions. Their first album, Binary Digit Temple was released in 2020 and followed by Dystopian Reverie in 2022.

Nicholas Wastor synthesizers, George Constantinou electric bass, Jason Wastor drums, Kyriakos Papadopoulos live audio-visual manipulation, sound engineer

13, 14 & 15 July| MOb

MOb trio’s music can be described as pure escapism that comes in the form of electronic melodious jazz, kraut, filmic, and exploratory post punk. Synthesizers, effects, loops, drones, and frequent change of tone and style share prominent roles in creating the trio’s unparalleled soundscape.
Their compositions are primarily based on open forms, using both tonal and non-tonal linear material, while improvisation parts subtly balance between the generation of melodic material and the creation of multi-textural sonic atmospheres.

Marios Valinakis saxophone & live electronics, Alexandros Delis bass, guitar & effects, Panagiotis Kostopoulos drums

19, 20 & 21 July|YOEL SOTO GROUP

19/07 Yoel Soto feat. Irini Arabatzí

Irini Arabatzi, a talented Greek singer who grew up in Belgium, will sprinkle the evening with the original versions of vintage tunes from Cuba, Brazil, France, and Greece.

20/07 Yoel Soto feat. Ramón Soto

A tribute to the legendary Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club with the authentic Cuban voice of Ramón Soto.

21/07 Yoel Soto feat. Rosanna Mailan

The Cuban singer and songwriter Rosanna Mailan will present some of her original compositions as well as contemporary versions of folk songs from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Yoel Soto Group
Costis Christodoulou keyboards, Sotiris Ntouvas drums, Carlos Menéndez percussion, Dimitris Sevdalis piano, Demian Gómez drums, Yoel Soto bass, vocals

23 & 24 July | The Soul Peanuts & Friends

The Soul Peanuts are a lively and spirited organ trio that has definitely made a mark in the Athens music scene! Deeply influenced by jazz, funk, Boogaloo, and Afro music of the 1960s and 1970s, they make up a unique style that captivates audiences. In their six-year career, they have given hundreds of concerts and collaborated with select musicians, turning every performance into a unique experience. At Peiraios 260 they will present tracks from their very first album, unreleased works, as well as favourite covers, inviting us to an unforgettable musical journey!

The Soul Peanuts
Rafael Meleteas hammond, Eric Panagopoulos guitar, Giannis Papadoulis drums

Victor Filippopolitis saxophone (23 & 24/7), Angelos Polychronou percussion (23/7), Alexandros Delis bass (24/7)

25 July | Concert - party

Datfunkband masterfully wander around funk, blues, and jazz influences, creating a totally unique sound. At the Peiraios 260 Programme Closing Party at the Platea, Asterios Papastamatakis on hammond organ and Michael Kapilidis on drums join forces with Dimitris Schizas on guitar, Vasilis Xenopoulos on saxophone, and Alexandra Sieti on vocals mingling funk’s sensational drive with the timeless quality of jazz.

Asterios Papastamatakis hammond organ, Michael Kapilidis drums, Dimitris Schizas electric guitar, Vasilis Xenopoulos tenor saxophone, Alexandra Sieti vocals

Peiraios 260 (Platea)

  • 05/06 until 07/06/2024 at 00:00
  • 17/06/2024 at 00:00
  • 18/06/2024 at 00:00
  • 26/06/2024 at 00:00
  • 27/06/2024 at 00:00
  • 29/06/2024 at 00:00
  • 13/07 until 15/07/2024 at 00:00
  • 23/07/2024 at 00:00
  • 24/07/2024 at 00:00
  • 19/07 until 21/07/2024 at 00:00
  • 19/07/2024 at 00:00
  • 20/07/2024 at 00:00
  • 21/07/2024 at 00:00
  • 25/07/2024 at 00:00
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