Emanuel Gat Dance


French-based Israeli choreographer Emanuel Gat presents a celebration of vitality and euphoria at Peiraios 260. Bodies coming together and apart, dynamic group choreographies, duets and solos, all unfold to the sounds of unforgettable hits by Tears for Fears, the British new wave band, recalling the synth-pop utopian atmosphere of the 1980s. The costumes, designed by Thomas Bradley, a dancer of the group, serve and showcase Gat’s directorial style in an ideal manner through their volume and theatricality. Meanwhile, the chiaroscuro lighting, created by the choreographer himself, further emphasizes the Baroque, glamorous, exuberant vibe of the performance.

According to the choreographer, LOVETRAIN2020 is a piece about utopia: that impossible, idealized non-place where co-existence without conflict can become reality. Far from being presented as an idea, utopia in Gat’s works is realized through the manner in which the choreography is created. Thanks to his long-standing collaboration with the dancers of his company, Gat has developed a springboard for the artistic exploration of human interaction and experience. The core of his approach lies within this realm of human experience, in what happens in the here and now and how all this is transformed into choreography. A daily practice striving to achieve utopia, a utopia that is by definition unfeasible (and even if it can be rehearsed in a dance studio, it still has no place there) in the real world.