Tzeni Argyriou


Ανώνυμο σχέδιο (16)

In her recent works and research, Tzeni Argyriou has been treating dance as an expression of the human need for contact and as a means of reconnecting with nature and the community –the already-existing one and the one created on spot at each gathering. She is inspired by the legacy of traditional and popular Greek dances as well as contemporary choreographic practices, and she assigns a central role to the relationship between dance and live music.

Can dance express the problems, the questions, and the need of modern humans for sociability today? Dancers and musicians shape the visual landscape, as they create a record of sounds and movements bringing memories of dances from the depths of time but also from the present, and they gradually widen the concentric circles of a collective celebration.

Can we invent new dances to express us and new rituals to unite us? What would such a festivity look like? Could we all ‘lend a hand’ in creating it? After all, this is what ‘mintati’ means in the villages of Epirus: the gathering to create, with everyone’s help, something needed by the community.

The MINTATI project was born in the light of these questions and thoughts, putting at the centre the concepts of community, collectivity, and solidarity.