National Theatre of Greece – Yannis Kalavrianos

by Bost

The premiere of Bost’s Medea will not be held on 8/7 at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus due to a work stoppage announced by the Trade Union of the National Theatre of Greece and the Hellenic Actors Union. The premiere will take place on Saturday, July 9.

The National Theatre of Greece presents a landmark piece of modern Greek drama for the very first time at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, through the unique directorial perspective of Yannis Kalavrianos. Written in 1993 in political (Decapentasyllabic) verse, Medea by Bost, or Mentis Bostantzoglou, bearing the masterfully wry, signature style of its author, is a scathing parody on contemporary reality in Greece. The tragic heroine does not kill her children out of amorous jealousy but out of her disappointment for their poor school performance and sinful lifestyles. The prolific playwright employs ancient drama in a playful and comical manner to “criticize critics, puzzle judges, and liberate audiences”.

With Greek and English surtitles