Guy Cassiers

Monsieur Linh and His Child
by Philippe Claudel

Guy Cassiers


One of the world’s most significant contemporary theatre-makers, Guy Cassiers comes to Greece to direct Constantine Markoulakis in Philippe Claudel’s novella Monsieur Linh and His Child (2005). The leading Belgian director, former artistic director of the renowned Toneelhuis Theatre in Antwerp, tackles with a very personal theatrical language, in which he skilfully intertwines on stage visual media and literature.

Claudel’s novella, which the director treats as a monologue, tells the moving story of a man who is forced to flee his war-torn country with his young granddaughter and seek refuge in Europe, without being able to grasp the language. Through Mr. Linh’s story, the author insightfully speaks about the uprooting, trauma, reconciliation, camaraderie, and people’s vital need to connect and communicate. The monologue is performed by Constantine Markoulakis, who has also adapted the play into Greek.

The play premiered in Thessaloniki, on 22 March 2024.