Katerina Andreou

Mourn Baby Mourn


What remains today of the visions and promises of the 1980s and 1990s? How do we cope with the melancholy and frustration resulting from seeing our promised future being dashed? Previously featured in the Athens Epidaurus Festival with the international co-production A Kind of Fierce, Greek choreographer Katerina Andreou, a major presence of the European dance scene and recipient of the Prix Jardin d’Europe 2016, once again arrests our attention with a new, exciting, French-Swiss production resonating with the challenges of present life. Utilizing the concept of mourning as a springboard, the artist will explore her own, quintessentially female and political voice, in a choreographic solo seeking to address the depression that marked an entire era. Mourn baby mourn.

July 8: Post-performance talk with Katerina Andreou. Moderated by Paraskevi Tektonidou.