Pantelis Flatsousis

National Fashion Show

Παντελης Φλατσουσης@Eirini Ntolka

2121: In the not-so-distant future, where nation states no longer exist, a fashion show is held in commemoration of fustanella, the national garment of the onetime Greek nation state. The Evzone costume and Lord Byron’s Souli garment, Adamantios Korai’s tailcoat and King Otto’s fustanella, Ioannis Kapodistrias’ Frankish clothes and Queen Amalia’s traditional attire take turns at the Peiraios 260 catwalk. On the occasion of the Greek War of Independence bicentennial, this performance employs a diverse cast to the sounds of live music and a festive mood, in an attempt to comment on the notions of identity and alterity, raising the following question: What type of communities could we invent nowadays, aiming at a more inclusive future?

The performance contains strobe lights.

With English surtitles.

Greek surtitles on opening night.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all performance dates are subject to change