Robert Wilson

Based on the text by Sophocles


The iconic story of Oedipus comes alive in Robert Wilson’s series of breathtaking tableaux vivants. The internationally acclaimed director follows Oedipus’ story in chronological order, without strictly adapting Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, from the moment of his birth and his abandonment as an infant to the moment of his self-inflicted blinding, following the horrific revelations: from the first light of birth to the last light he sees before it all goes black. Two ‘witnesses,’ a man and a woman, spin his tale, the life and times of Oedipus, speaking across the centuries.

Performance in Greek, Italian, English, German, French and Latin with original translation in Italian verses by Ettore Romagnoli (1926) and Orsatto Giustiniano (1585)

With Greek and English surtitles

Part of the programme "Tempo Forte Italia- Ελλάδα 2019", an initiative of the Embassy of Italy in Athens, along with cultural institutions, foundations, museums, artists and friends of culture from Greece and Italy, aimed at bringing "more Italy to Greece and more Greece to Italy."