En Dynamei Ensemble – Michael Kliën

The Utopians

Is it possible to defy the narrow constraints of our personal identity, discover and develop new fields of relationships among humans, achieve co-existence on equal terms? The Thessaloniki-based En Dynamei Ensemble, who captivated the Festival audience with the performance Horse in Love (2019), directed by Eleni Efthymiou under the artistic direction of Eleni Dimopoulou, returns to Peiraios 260 in collaboration with internationally acclaimed Viennese choreographer Michael Kliën.

They are jointly presenting a social choreography piece, a choreographic landscape that is something of an experience. The social choreography, in which Klien has been specialized for several years now, is an emerging interdisciplinary field investigating the experience of socialization and highlighting possible realities capable of suggesting new ways of co-existence by means of artistic creation.

The choreographic concept is inspired by Robert Musil’s play Die Schwärmer (The Dreamers), tackling the possibility of logic and dream going hand in hand. In an empty industrial space, an environment consisting of an electroacoustic soundscape and pertinent lighting, a group of approximately fifty people with seemingly mixed abilities move around, personally marking their own trajectories. A deeply complex, collective logic generates a special condition, with the roughly two hundred spectators becoming part of the piece, aided by a group of “guides”. In this manner, from spectator, each participant becomes an active agent.