Kornél Mundruczó - Proton Theatre


Kornél Mundruczó @Sándor Fegyverneki_ Proton Theatre


Having won over the Festival audience with his sharp eye for contemporary social issues and his spectacular on-stage novel of manners, world-renowned Hungarian director Kornél Mundruczó, after Imitation of Life in 2018 and Pieces of a Woman in 2021, returns to Athens with his Hungarian independent company Proton Theatre and Parallax.

This play too is poignant and extremely topical: taking a Hungarian family as its starting point, it touches on the different approaches to the experience of Jewishness from generation to generation. Grandma, a Holocaust survivor, who in her life has learned to hide her Jewish identity, comes into conflict with her daughter, who, living in Berlin in the 1990s, tries to use this identity to enrol her son in a better school. However, as he grows up, he wants to shed any identity and wishes to belong nowhere else than the gay community he has consciously chosen.

But in a society in crisis, with the sharpening of social divisions and the rise of the far right in Europe, is it possible to remain neutral? How can one separate the assertion of one’s own diversity from a broader political stance?

Recommended for 18+. The performance contains sexual scenes.